One of a Kind grey teal and baby pink with silver paisley embellishments

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In India, the paisley is symbolic of mangoes.

Mango is the food of the gods. The Mango tree is the symbol of love, wealth, fertility and even immortality. In India, the leaves of Mango trees are used in wedding ceremonies in order to ensure that the couple bears many children.


One of a kind, beautiful embroidered baby pink and grey teal with silver paisley embellishments  Mariposa dress. This dress is made with real sari fabric, hand embroidered from India.

I always loved to wear saris when my mother would take the time to wrap me up and dress me up in them. But saris are not accessible to everyone, especially since wrapping and pleating the saris is difficult, not to mention how difficult it is to walk in! But I thought it was such a shame since I loved the fabrics of saris and the incredibly detailed beautiful work. I decided to take these fabrics and give them a new life by turning them into sexy dresses for the modern women.

Each Sari dress is unique. 
The dimensions are around 33 to 35 inches in length.
Each dress is one size fits all. Adjustable straps.

* Due to the material, sequin and beading could fall off, so be gentle with each dress.